Horsehoeing Thursdays at Red Lodge Veterinary Clinic

At Red Lodge Veterinary Clinic, we understand the importance proper management of the foot plays in maintaining health, soundness, athletic ability and longevity of your horse. Quality and consistency in hoof care are vital to your horse’s success and comfort. We also understand the challenges horse owners face in identifying and contacting a farrier that will provide this service and do so on a consistent basis.

Additionally, we understand that farriers are not always contacted by horse owners or on a consistent basis.  They may not be aware that their services are needed. Also, the horse owner may not have adequate facilities or be able to restrain their horse to allow a farrier the ability to provide the quality of service the horse needs. 

What Can Be Done?

Horseshoeing Thursdays at Red Lodge Veterinary Clinic is a program designed with 3 goals in mind:

  • Provide quality and consistent hoof care to the horse.
  • Connect the horse owner with farriers in the area that will provide service to the horse. This connection will hopefully turn into a long-term working relationship that ultimately benefits the horse, the horse owner and the farrier.
  • Provide a safe and stable working environment for these services to be completed.

How Will We Do It?

Horseshoeing Thursdays at Red Lodge Veterinary Clinic allows horse owners and farriers to utilize our facility to meet and provide safe and convenient hoof care for the horse.                

For Farriers: Organize your schedule, meet new and existing clients and maximize your efficiency and profits.

     –Existing Clients:

Is your client located a long distance from where you work? Does your client not have safe facilities? Is the weather not helping? Horse owners and their horse(s) can meet you at our facility. This can help improve your daily schedule by minimizing travel time and provide a safe environment for you to work.

     –New Clients:

Are you looking for business? Meet clients in need of someone with your skills to help their horse and grow your clientele.  

Our facility is available for your use 8:30am-5:30pm every Thursday. There is no fee to use our facility. We simply ask that you clean up after yourself, respect our facility, equipment and staff. Along with signing a liability and facility use waiver once a year.

If you are interested in this program, we encourage you to check in with our office and provide your contact information so that we can help connect you with horse owners who are in need of your service.

For Horse Owners: Keep your horses hoof care on schedule so that you and your horse don’t miss a beat.

     Do you already have a farrier?:

Meeting them, along with your horse, at our facility can help improve their efficiency and keep your horse on schedule with their hoof care. It can also improve their quality of work if the facilities and weather at your home are not ideal. There is no fee to use our facility.  

     Do you need a farrier?:

We will help connect you with one. Call our office at 406-446-2815 to learn more. We will try to put you in contact with a farrier. Dr. Casey Gruber will also be providing farrier service on an “as needed” basis every Thursday afternoon until you are able to connect with a farrier. We want to assure you that there are always options and resources available to help your horse.

Additional Information:

Contact our office at 406 446-2815 to learn more about this program and allow us to answer any questions you have.

There is no fee to use our facility. Please clean up after your horse and respect our facilities, staff, equipment and other clients and their animals.

Sedation is available if needed and must be administered by a veterinarian or veterinary technician. Cost of this service or any other services or supplies will be the responsibility of the horse owner or caretaker. Payment is due at time of service.

Please note that any horse at our facility exhibiting signs of illness or injury may be attended to by the veterinarian. Any costs incurred will be at the owner’s expense. Horses considered contagious or at risk to other horses or are dangerous or fractious will not be allowed on our facility. If you are unsure, call our office ahead of time to discuss details.

New Location OPEN!

Welcome to Red Lodge Veterinary Clinic’s new facility. Located at 15 Two Willow Lane, Red Lodge.

Directions: Head Northwest on Hwy 78 from Red lodge (as if you are headed towards the show grounds) continue on Hwy 78 to Two Willow Lane. Turn Left onto Two Willow Lane, and we are the big brown building on the left-hand side. 

Horse trailers, please use the cul-de-sac to turn around and park in the large gravel parking lot beside the equine facility. Cars and trucks can park on the south side of the main building, then enter up the front ramp of the main building to check in at reception.

Our new facility provides us with the much needed space to continue to practice high-quality mixed animal medicine, in an easy to access location within Red Lodge.

The main building has 2 exam rooms for you and your pets’ comfort, along with ample space for in-house surgeries, diagnostics and treatments. The equine treatment and examination facility will be connected directly to our hospitalized equine patient barn and bovine facility, allowing us to closely monitor our equine and bovine critical care patients while we continue with our daily in-clinic visits.

Our equine facility is open for full service. We have three hospitalized patient stalls ready for your horse(s) if needed. Throughout the summer we will continue to upgrade and add the finishing touches to the equine exam room and hospital barn.

We look forward to taking care of you and your companions when you need us, for many years to come. 406-446-2815

Front of main building
Ramp to reception
Steps to front reception
The lovely Donna in reception
Waiting room
Small animal exam room
Small animal treatment room
Equine barn and exam room
Hospitalized patient stalls
The view from the equine exam room
The view from our sign