Case Studies

T.B. mare chronic lameness due to Club foot deformity

The owner reports that this mare was born with excellent conformation and subsequently acquired a valgus angular limb deformity, Rt. front leg. She was neglected and subsequently developed a severe club foot on her Rt. Font foot as well. The mare is very well bred and used as a broodmare, producing several winning offspring.

The mare was brought to us as a last resort before being euthanized. At the time of presentation, she had been recumbent.


The Rt. Front foot was trimmed to de-rotate the coffin bone, the same way we would trim a laminitic foot. A sole abscess was discovered on the sole over the anterior border of the coffin bone. The abscess was opened, drained and curetted. The abscess was chronic to the point that it had migrated up the hoof wall and broke at the coronet.

The mare was shoe with my Rocker-Rail horseshoe. The shoe was prepared and attached to the hoof with polyurethane adhesive and horseshoe nails.

The mare was allowed to stand and find her comfort zone in regards to heel elevation. The distance from ground to bottom of the rail in the heel was measured (5/8″) and the rails were wedged up 5/8″ with polyurethane acrylic.

Following shoe application, the deep digital flexor tendon was surgically transected mid-cannon bone. The leg was bandaged and the mare was hospitalized until suture removal 10 days post-op.

The shoe was re-set every 5 weeks, the tendonotomy healed nicely and she went on to be pasture sound and hard to catch.