Hills Science Diet – Extended Recall – Please Read!


Your pets’ health is our number one priority.

Hills Science Diet has extended its recall to several of its canned pate/stew dog food due to a potentially dangerous level of vitamin D. Pets who have consumed these products may experience the following symptoms:

• vomiting
• increased thirst
• increased urination
• excessive drooling
• weight loss
• renal dysfunction (if consumed at high levels)

If your pet has consumed any of the affected products, please contact us whether or not they are showing symptoms: 406-446-2815

If you have purchased any of the recalled food on the list from us, please give us a call for a full refund. If you have purchased any of the food on the list from a different company, please follow the instructions provided to learn how to get the affected food taken care of. The following link will also demonstrate how to read the sku numbers to see if the food you have is affected.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,

The team at Red Lodge Veterinary Clinic.